Domestic driveways and car park areas

Driveways and car park areas are generally located in front of houses or commercial buildings and form that vital first impression for family, neighbours, colleagues or visitors.

Usually constructed from block paving, tarmac, or concrete, including pattern imprinted concrete, they can over time look tired, dirty, dull and overgrown.

Typically, Jumbojet would firstly provide a chemical treatment to kill algae, moss, lichen or weeds. Oil stains can also be removed. This would then be followed by a high pressure water wash which will remove dirt, grime and any vegetation, leaving the surface looking as good as new and restoring the original colour. Kiln dry sand is always brushed back in to block paved surfaces.

Finally, Jumbojet can also provide a sealing service, to prolong the time before any further maintenance is required, and also apply a re-tint for pattern imprinted concrete and tarmac to bring back the original colour.

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JumboJet operates principally in the central counties of England:

and Oxfordshire


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